OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 5 introduces source code compatibility issue

With OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 5 Progress Software added a new property named UseFullFieldNames to the ProBindingSource component (Progress.Data.BindingSource). While this property and the underlying behavior is extremely useful with handling joined queries through the ProBindingSource a bug that yesterday got confirmed as bug number OE00216397 introduces potentially a compatibility issue of your application source code with OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 4 and earlier releases. Once this property is used (set to True) on a ProBindingSource instance it is expected that the Form needs to be compiled and executed on Service Pack 5 (or later). The default value of this property is FALSE to keep the original behavior of the ProBindingSource. However, the properties default value is not properly marked as the DefaultValue for the Visual Designer (an annotation in Progress’ C# source code is probably missing).

For the time being every Form that has been created or just opened with the 10.2B05 OpenEdge Architect Visual Designer will write code like this to the InitializeComponent method:

bindingSource1:UseFullFieldNames = FALSE.

This will fail to compile on OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 4 and earlier releases! So your source code is no longer backwards compatible and this makes the management of deployments (especially of hot fixes ships to your end customers) much more complicated. The compile time error message indicating this issue is something like this:

Could not locate element ‘UseFullFieldNames’ in class ‘Progress.Data.BindingSource’. (12979)

It’s absolutely safe to just remove the lines that set the UseFullFieldNames property to False from the InitializeComponent method. However this needs to be done over and over again as the OpenEdge Architect Visual Designer will keep on adding it to the source code.

Progress support has confirmed this issue and we expect that this annoyance will be fixed with OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 6 and OpenEdge 11.1.0.

However when you set the value of the UseFullFieldNames to True in the Visual Designer you have intentionally given up the source code compatibility with Service Pack 4 and before anyway. So we recommend that you carefully line up the usage of this feature with your deployment strategy anyway…

Mike Fechner

About Mike Fechner

Mike Fechner started using Progress and OpenEdge in Version 5 almost 22 years ago and ever since has supported Progress Application Partners and end customers in adopting the features of the latest OpenEdge and Progress releases to enhance the capabilities of existing applications. With his framework design skills he has set the groundwork for development of many successful OpenEdge applications. Recently he has specialized on the OpenEdge GUI for .NET, working closely with Progress Software during the development of this great feature.
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2 Responses to OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 5 introduces source code compatibility issue

  1. Gerd de bruyckere says:

    Useful information ! Thanks !

  2. Jim Anderson says:

    Upgraded from 10.2b to 10.2b05 on Win 7 Professional and on Ultimate. Lost MMC (Progress Explorer) with “mmc could not create snap-in”.

    Any suggestions on resolving this problem. Didn’t see it coming on a minor release.


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