EMEA PUG Challenge 2011 – Presentation download

The EMEA PUG Challenge in Amsterdam was a huge success for every participant! Consultingwerk was supporting the largest event 2011 of the European Progress user’s community as platinum sponsor, member of the organizing committee and with well attended technical presentations and product demonstrations and with a technical workshop.

For your reference and convenience we are presenting here the presentation slides and sample material where appropriate for download.

Marko Rüterbories – Extreme Windows Desktop Integration

Windows is still the most relevant platform for desktop applications. With the introduction of the GUI for .NET the ability to use the .NET framework to interact with Windows desktop resources is simpler and more sophisticated than ever and accessible for everybody developing classic OpenEdge GUI or GUI for .NET applications. In this session Marko Rüterbories will give practical introductions and provide downloadable examples for using the .NET technology to access the Windows API, including starting, querying and stopping external processes, file system operations, Drag and Drop to and from the Windows Explorer, Drag and Drop to Microsoft Office applications like Outlook or Word, using Windows 7 advanced taskbar features (jumplists and overlay icons), notify icons and desktop alerts. Using these features the end user will experience a richer integration of the ABL application into the Windows Desktop as well as practical productivity gains.

Mike Fechner – OpenEdge and OpenEdge BPM Cross-Plattform mobile phone development (iPhone, iPad, Android and .NET) using .NET

You end users demand good user interfaces on their mobile devices? AJAX does not sizzle? Offline capabilities? Looking at the numbers of good quality apps in today’s mobile phone appstores there is no doubt that mobile phone applications are a huge market. In my consulting activities I have met almost no Progress partner that says we do not need mobile apps at all… But how? The two big players in the field (Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android) are built using completely different platforms and tools and do not allow any common code. Microsoft’s Windows Phone might become the third relevant player. .NET might be the solution! The session introduces .NET mobile phone development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, how it allows code reuse and how it can be connected to OpenEdge, OpenEdge BPM and Savvion applications.

Mike Fechner & Marko Rüterbories: OpenEdge Architect – Getting Started & Practical Tips Workshop

In this practical hands-on workshop we will cover the basic steps of moving from an AppBuilder / Progress Procedure Editor based development scenario to OpenEdge Architect and highlight strategies for using both tools at the same time. We will introduce and use some of OpenEdge Architect’s coolest productivity features and discover challenges and solutions for using OpenEdge Architect in a team of developers.

Commercial presentation: SmartComponent Library

The SmartComponent Library delivers true productivity when developing OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) compliant applications using OpenEdge GUI for .NET and the Visual Designer. It brings data-centric design to OpenEdge Architect with flexible wizards and templates as well as rich and powerful foundation classes and allows focussing on what’s really important. Recent additions to the framework allow the extension of user interfaces to mobile devices such and iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The tight integration of the OpenEdge BPM completes the feature list. This presentation will give an overview of the SmartComponent Library capabilities and the design process and demonstrate the integration of the OpenEdge BPM and the Apple iPad.

Commercial presentation: WinKit – Modernise your ABL GUI

The WinKit is the unique tool to simplify the adoption of OpenEdge GUI for .NET in existing OpenEdge GUI applications. The WinKit uses the new user interface technology to enhance the visual appearance of any existing OpenEdge GUI applications with features and components like modern toolbars or Ribbon controls, Dockable Panes, powerful Grids, TabFolders and optionally MDI. The WinKit has been designed to integrate into any framework and application architecture.

This demonstration will provide an overview of the capabilities of the WinKit and how it can be used to improve the capabilities of every Progress or OpenEdge application as well as present examples from real-world projects that have been migrated using the WinKit.

Mike Fechner

About Mike Fechner

Mike Fechner started using Progress and OpenEdge in Version 5 almost 22 years ago and ever since has supported Progress Application Partners and end customers in adopting the features of the latest OpenEdge and Progress releases to enhance the capabilities of existing applications. With his framework design skills he has set the groundwork for development of many successful OpenEdge applications. Recently he has specialized on the OpenEdge GUI for .NET, working closely with Progress Software during the development of this great feature.
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