What’s coming in the next OpenEdge releases

Recently I have attended one of Progress Software’s Insight conferences (http://www.progress-insight.com/) in Frankfurt. Progress Vice President for SaaS Colleen Smith gave a presentation about the future of OpenEdge and gave an interesting early glimpse into what’s coming in the next few OpenEdge releases (OpenEdge 11.2 and beyond). While everything was following their usual disclaimer warning that everything might change without notice it was surprising in the most positive way to see a list of coming features together with a target release mile stone. Continue reading

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OpenEdge Ultra Control versions

Below you’ll find a table listing the versions of the OpenEdge UltraControls (Infragistics NetAdvantage for WinForms Controls) that shipped with OpenEdge releases. Continue reading

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Serious issues with GUI for .NET type management in OpenEdge 11.1

While testing the SmartComponent Library and WinKit on OpenEdge 11.1 during the last couple of days, we’ve made a couple of expected code changes but we also ran into two serious OpenEdge regression issues that we are already dealing with Progress tech support and development about.

Currently we cannot recommend anyone to use OpenEdge 11.1 with GUI for .NET at all!

We are in the process of further compatibility-testing. We will hopefully be able to release a version of the SmartComponent Library that is compatible with OpenEdge 11.1 soon. At the current our expectation however is, that this will require a hotfix from Progress Software as the issues seem to be related to the type management of the GUI for .NET bridge itself.

Some details to the issues found so far Continue reading

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Customizing OpenEdge Architect for non-Java Developers

From this link you can download the slides to the presentation held today at the PUG Challenge Americas on modifying the setup of OpenEdge Architect so that it suits your needs.


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Extreme Windows Desktop Integration – Updated

We have just published on update of the Extreme Windows Desktop Integration samples and slides to our web server. The samples are updated for the hands-on workshop during the “PUG UK & Ireland Spring Conference 2012”. In this workshop we will present well known, updated and new samples that demonstrate the use of the GUI for .NET bridge available since OpenEdge 10.2A with the aim to simplify Windows API usage and to achieve a very tight integration of OpenEdge applications into the Windows Desktop. Continue reading

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Meet Consultingwerk at developer conferences this spring!

The spring 2012 is fully packed with developer conferences in Europe and the USA – plenty of chances to talk to Consultingwerk experts Marko Rüterbories and Mike Fechner and discuss modernization options for your Progress or OpenEdge application. Continue reading

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PUG Challenge Americas Agenda Online

The PUG Challenge America conference agenda is now online! Mike Fechner from Consultingwerk will be participating with three presentations and Consultingwerk will be presenting our OpenEdge modernization solutions on the solutions expo!

See http://pugchallenge.org/agenda.html for details. Continue reading

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Issues with certain Active X Controls in OpenEdge 11 – WinKit saves the day…

If your current OpenEdge GUI application is using Active X Controls, this Progress Software knowledge base article might be of interest for you:

Critical Alert: Issues migrating applications that use ActiveX/COM objects to OpenEdge 11: http://knowledgebase.progress.com/articles/Critical_Alert/000028532?q=Issues+migrating+applications+that+use+ActiveX/COM+objects+to+OpenEdge

Continue reading

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OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 5 introduces source code compatibility issue

With OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 5 Progress Software added a new property named UseFullFieldNames to the ProBindingSource component (Progress.Data.BindingSource). While this property and the underlying behavior is extremely useful with handling joined queries through the ProBindingSource a bug that yesterday got confirmed as bug number OE00216397 introduces potentially a compatibility issue of your application source code with OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 4 and earlier releases. Once this property is used (set to True) on a ProBindingSource instance it is expected that the Form needs to be compiled and executed on Service Pack 5 (or later). The default value of this property is FALSE to keep the original behavior of the ProBindingSource. However, the properties default value is not properly marked as the DefaultValue for the Visual Designer (an annotation in Progress’ C# source code is probably missing). Continue reading

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EMEA PUG Challenge 2011 – Presentation download

The EMEA PUG Challenge in Amsterdam was a huge success for every participant! Consultingwerk was supporting the largest event 2011 of the European Progress user’s community as platinum sponsor, member of the organizing committee and with well attended technical presentations and product demonstrations and with a technical workshop. Continue reading

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